Love doesn’t cost a thing!


coupleShe’s the mother to your children, so if anyone deserves to be pampered it’s your partner.The good news is that romantic gestures don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Remember it’s the thought that counts. Here are our top 10 ways to charm the mum in your house…


1. Organise a picnic

There’s nothing that whispers old-school romance more than a picnic. Pick up a selection of her favourite finger foods, a bottle of (cheap) bubbly and a blanket and ask her to meet you at the local park. Or surprise her with an indoor picnic on the sitting room floor – just as romantic but minus the chill.

2. Make a personalised CD

The days of the mix-tape may be long gone, but there’s nothing stopping you from creating a mixed CD. Choose songs that evoke memories of when you first met, romantic days out, cosy nights in and sultry holidays abroad.

3. Frame a photograph

As great as digital cameras are, no-one gets around to developing pictures any more. Choose a special picture of her with you and/or the kids and take the time to find a frame so it’s something she can look at and treasure.

4. Leave thoughtful messages

It doesn’t cost anything to leave a small note on the fridge door or in her handbag telling her exactly how you feel about her.

5. Cook a meal

So you might not be Jamie Oliver, but don’t let that hold you back from whipping up a culinary treat. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Spaghetti Bolognese or steak and chips are cosy, comfort foods and she’ll love your efforts.

6. Run a bath

After another busy day running around after the kids, she may think about having a bath but find she hasn’t got the energy to actually to do it – so run one for her. Don’t hold back on the bubbles, light a few candles and be ready to hand her a glass of wine.

7. Give a massage

Grab the oils and treat her to a back massage or the full body if you’re feeling up to the task. Pressure is the key. Think long, firm movements that will loosen all those tight knots.

8. Look after the kids

Tell her you’re going to look after the kids for the day at the weekend, so she can enjoy doing whatever she wants: meeting up with friends, enjoying a beauty treatment or simply doing nothing but sleep!

9. Help out with household chores

It might not seem like the most romantic gesture but helping out with the housework without being nagged shows you care. Simple as that.

10. Organise a date night

Remind her of those heady days when you’d just started going out, by organising a date night. Go for an evening stroll, watch a movie and enjoy a meal out where you ban all talk of house and kids. Don’t forget to tell her how wonderful she looks..