Money saving tip: Stretch your roast dinner leftovers

whole roasted chicken

whole roasted chickenThis week’s money saving tip comes from Jemma Smith who tells us how to make the most of a Sunday roast.

My family’s absolute favourite money saving tip consists of making the most of what you have with the least amount of waste possible.

Get the most from a whole chicken

Start off by roasting a large chicken and serve with all the usual trimmings including potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing etc, then:

  • Keep meal juices to use as a stock
  • Keep any leftover vegetables
  • Keep the carcass

Get the carcass and carefully scrape the remaining meat off with a fork. You will be amazed at how much meat you will get off and wonder why you haven’t done this before!

Use the leftovers

chicken madras curryUse this meat the next day, either in a curry using lots of lovely spices or with a pasta sauce.

  • For the curry you could use coconut milk, serve with rice and leftover vegetables.
  • For the pasta you could use a pasta sauce using lots of herbs, (either fresh or dried), onions, tinned tomatoes and garlic. You could even add some black olives; yummy… The possibilities are endless! This can also be frozen for when you need it.

vegetable soup from leftoversUse the remainder of the carcass to make a really healthy and tasty soup with the stock you kept from the roast. You could also use leftover vegetables from your roast dinner for your soup. Add onions, celery, and any vegetables you like! Add salt and pepper to taste. Or if you want to spice it up a bit add fresh or dried chilli. This can also be frozen until you are ready to use it.

These ideas are great as they are so adaptable for any age/taste/weather! So there you have it, three very tasty meals from just one chicken.

About Jemma: I work as a learning support assistant for hearing impaired students at a local secondary school, which is the best job I have ever had! I am a single mother of two children, one aged 13 years and one aged 10 years. My boyfriend has two children, one aged seven years and one aged four years. We often have dinner together so the above money saving tip is perfect for us!

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