MyFamilyPack – delivering you a great big hug (in a box, not a mug!)


MyFamilyPack hugI loved this advert when it first came out and oh how I wished I could get a pair of those big, blue, fluffy arms around my shoulders once in a while.

*SNAP* back to reality and 2013 – three children later and boy, could I really do with one of those hugs right now – reminding me that each day I do a whole range of tasks and activities for my children and family that can sometimes feel thankless and never ending.

Yeah… you can tell, today is one of those days! I am feeling tired and overwhelmed (though perhaps that’s more to do with the end of the sunshine and a long six weeks of summer holidays). Either way, a hug and a thank you would go a long way right now.

Like all parents, I seem to have a massive mountain of tasks that never end. I keep kidding myself that once I have done them, they’re done.

Why oh why did no one ever tell me you then have to do them all over again! There’s the washing, the ironing, the shopping, the cooking, the kisses, the hugs, the soothing, the bathing, the feeding, the nurturing, the storytelling, the night time calming – and that’s just my husband!

MyFamilyPack – a freebie you’ll love

MyFamilyPack is our way of saying “well done” to all the parents out there, juggling, balancing and nurturing their families every single day (sometimes without thanks and more often than not through sheer tiredness).

It’s so nice to know that once in a while, someone somewhere gives you a nod of appreciation.

MyFamilyPack is completely free and chocked full of goodies, giving parents and families up and down the country samples they’ll love.

Back in June and July, our last wave of MyFamilyPacks were given away on a first come first serve basis (chalking up an exceptional response of 10K in just 24 hours!) The feedback was overwhelming and we had lots of happy parents emailing to say thanks for caring.

mfp exceptional demandThis time however, we want to give everyone an equal opportunity to receive this special gift.

So, without further ado and by popular demand (and because summer is officially over and we want to give you a big pat on the back), we’re giving away another 10,000 packs full of samples to be enjoyed by all.

We have found you some lovely goodies – hoping to bring you all a little sunshine into your homes and tummies. (And to help to keep you smiling as you hunt around for that lost shoe, try to coerce your children into eating broccoli, and make the school run/activity drop off with your “do I look like a chauffeur” face for the umpteenth time).

At the end of September we’ll randomly select the lucky 10,000 people who’ll receive a MyFamilyPack.

Packs will vary (we all love a surprise) and if you’re one of the lucky 10,000 picked to receive the pack you’ll get a mixture of 5-6 brilliant free treats.

With thousands of packs bursting with goodies to give away, you’ve got an excellent chance of bagging a box full of freebies.

But even if you don’t manage to get the MyFamilyPack this time, we’ll be in touch to make sure no-one leaves empty-handed!

Being a mum for the third time around (Charlie being nearly six months old and with a sprightly four and six-year-old that outfox me on a regular basis) receiving this pack for free through my letterbox would have me grinning from ear to ear. So to that end, good luck with the giveaway, I hope you win and enjoy the MyFamilyPack freebie on us!

Enter our MyFamilyPack giveaway here.

Do let us know your thoughts, as all feedback helps us to perfect our packs and deliver what families really want.