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save money with led-bulbs

Want to know the simple step that could knock up to 90% OFF your lighting bills – saving you literally hundreds of pounds a year? Grab this LED Hut voucher code deal and start saving today.

LED-bulbsMaking small changes like switching the light bulbs you use might seem insignificant, but it really can make a huge difference.

Research shows that almost half of us believe lighting is the smallest contributor to our electric bills – when in fact it’s the second biggest (just 1% behind our permanently switched on fridges and freezers).

The worst thing is, we’re spending 10 times too much on lighting bills – as most people are completely unaware of the massive 90% savings they could achieve just by replacing traditional bulbs with LED equivalents. Get your LED Hut voucher code and start saving!

If a typical home replaced their 50W halogen spotlights with LEDs, they could make:

  • Monthly savings of around £30 (enough for a gym membership)
  • Yearly savings of around £350 (enough for an iPad 2)
  • Total savings of £8,200+ over the bulbs’ lifespan (enough for a two-week all-inclusive family holiday to Barbados!)

Yes, LED bulbs cost more than normal lightbulbs – but they last 25 times longer than standard bulbs and use far less power. The money they save mean they more than pay for themselves.

Plus you can save even more money with the LED voucher code below!

LED Hut voucher code 2015 – 20% OFF all LED bulbs!

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Why buy LED bulbs?

The Savvy Switch light bulb campaign has been launched to help you make big savings, and is supported by property guru Sarah Beeny.

She’s urging 1 million households to make this simple switch to LED light bulbs this winter – helping them save money (and the environment, too).

Sarah says: “These savings are enormous, and if we can get 1 million homes, maybe even more, to make that all important switch, then collectively we’d be able to save millions on our electric bills each year – while helping contribute towards a more eco-friendly future at the same time.

“The potential is massive, but until now people have been completely in the dark about the savings they could be making.”

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LED Hut voucher code 2015 –  20% off all LED bulbs!

Enter discount code: LEDFAMILY20


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Top tips for cutting your energy bills at home:

  • You can knock £900 OFF your energy bill. (Yes you read that right – £900 wasn’t a typo!) We’ve rounded up 14 shockingly simple ways to cut your energy bill that will save you literally hundreds of pounds. And they’re all quick and easy to do!
  • Use efficient products in your home like A-rated appliances and water-saving showerheads, even fixing that dripping tap could help! See these top 10 free water saving devices.
  • It might sound obvious by you can cut your costs by just remembering to turn off those switches – and don’t leave anything on standby.
  • A properly insulated home means you’re keeping that heat in and not losing any money either – check to see if you qualify for free home insulation.
  • Turn it down! Turning that heating dial down just one degree can save around £65 a year on your heating bill. Pop on an extra layer if you’re chilly!

Do you want to save up to 90% on your lighting bill? Get saving today with LED bulbs with the LED Hut voucher code.

It’s super easy – use their LED Energy Saving Calculator that works out how much you could save.

For example, if you had 17 bulbs in your house and you use them have them on for 5 hours a day you could save an average of £17.59 per month on your lighting bill. This means you’ll pay off your LED bulbs in 6 months and they’re covered by a 5 year warranty.

LED Hut voucher code 2015 –  20% off all LED bulbs!

Enter discount code: LEDFAMILY20


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