Top 10 tips for frugal living

frugal living

Cringing at the bank balance again? Wishing there was an easy way to save a bit more cash? Here are 10 tips for frugal living that will make your money go further.

You don’t have to be super-organised or make any hefty changes to be a bit more frugal. A few tweaks here and there, and you’ll have a smile on your face from all that money you’ve saved (and that delicious chocolate bar you treated yourself to).

Enjoy a bit of frugal living and plan your meals in advance.


1. Meal plan

Don’t stress over what’s for dinner – instead, enjoy a bit of frugal living and plan your meals in advance.  Work to a budget and stick to it, so you’re not tempted to head off to the supermarket and overspend on products you don’t need.

Try out our weekly meal plans to get you started. They come with handy printable shopping lists and full recipes, so you can impress the family with quick, cheap yet delicious meals.

2. Price checking

Before you spend, always check where you can get the best deal on your weekly essentials. We have an up-to-date comparison table compiled weekly so you can find out where to bag those bargain nappies, toilet roll, cereal and more.

3. Kid’s lunchboxes and using leftovers

You don’t have to pack the kids off to school with boring soggy sarnies in order to save on your budget. Get creative with the kids’ packed lunches, whilst keeping healthy and having a frugal living. We’ve got loads of great ideas – from healthy hummus and dips, to how you can use leftovers from dinner to create irresistible lunchtime treats. Check out our lunch ideas here.

It’s not just the kids’ lunchboxes that will benefit. Jazz you up your own lunch hour, or revamp the Sunday roast leftovers into a glamorous new meal that the family with love.

4. Cheap cuts of meat

Meat can be expensive, but get the cheaper cuts and you’ll still be in for a treat if you cook them right (especially with slow cooking). It’s easy once you know how, and you can always bulk out a spag bol with chickpeas, slow cook a reduced price beef shin, or make your own beef burgers.


5. Petrol price checker

Before heading off on a long journey, this little gem will help cut your petrol costs in a big way. Get the app or visit the free website for recent information on where to get the best bargains on petrol – it’ll definitely help you be more frugal with fuel costs.

Incorrectly inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by 5%!

6. Driving tips

Simple checks and changes to your driving habits could save you £££’s on your motoring costs. Start by checking your tyre pressure, as incorrectly inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by 5%. Ditch any unused roof racks, de-junk your boot, and drive at a steady speed. For more tips check out our article.


7. Deals, discounts and sales

A great tip for frugal living is not to pay full price for your clothes.  Find where to get the best deals and discounts every week across all your favourite stores. Whether it’s a hot sale not to be missed, a slashed price reduction on shoes, dresses, kids’ products, beauty buys or accessories – we’ve got it covered. You can often save online too without trawling the shops.

8. Discount vouchers

If you plan to spend, why not save at the same time? Whether you’re looking for money off baby products, shoes, dresses or DIY, DVDs and books, with a discount voucher you’re sure to find a bargain. There are plenty of vouchers to choose from, and you can even get money off meals out. Have a browse, use the code, print the voucher or visit the website for a thrifty, frugal spend.


9. Free childcare

If your child is three to four years old, they’re entitled to 15 hours free nursery care a week for 38 weeks of the year by law (whether that’s through play group, nurseries, children’s centres or childminders). Remember to claim what you’re entitled to.

Here are some more ideas on ways to cut the cost of childcare and also where to get free childcare in the school holidays.

10. Childcare vouchers

Nursery costs are rocketing and shelling out for your childcare can be a nightmare. Remember, you can save around £1,800 per year using childcare vouchers. They’re offered by some employers and work using ‘salary sacrifice’ so you can claim a certain amount of your pay in vouchers, with no tax or insurance on top. Find out more about how childcare vouchers work here.