Top 7 best value family cars 2014

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Not all families are the same, so why should yours make do with a motor that doesn’t fit your exact needs? Luckily, there’s no reason to compromise, as 2014 will see loads of fantastic family cars released, each with their own distinct traits, meaning it’s fairly easy to find the best value family cars that suits your needs to a tee. i got a lease deal from all car leasing and it is great, but before I did that I had to do some research at gearheads where they have all the information you need about the different vehicles you may be interested in. After you purchase your car, you have to make sure have the best security, so it would be great if you installed one of these remote start security systems to ensure your safety.

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Best value family cars 2014

Here are seven of the best value family cars according to the motoring gurus at Recombu Cars.

1. Ford Focus Ecoboost 125PS

focus ecoboostThe best Ford Focus on the market is also the one with the smallest engine. The Ecoboost uses a 1.0 turbocharged petrol motor, but don’t let that fool you. In 125PS guise (that’s the amount of power it creates) it’ll accelerate just as hard as the standard 1.6-litre car and it’s not shy of motorways, either. It cruises effortlessly at high speed and we’d think nothing of using one for a long, cross-country motorway jaunt.

Inside, it ticks every box you and your loved ones will need. Its seats are comfortable, there are plenty of cubby holes to stash sweets, toys and the like, and the boot is big enough for that Bugaboo Cameleon. It drives fantastically, too – if you ever find yourself without the kids in the back then it’s a real joy to throw around.

2. Seat Leon SC

So, maybe you have a small family and fancy something a little sportier than most? Well, Seat has something in its arsenal just for you – the Leon SC.

seat-leon-sc-3The Leon SC, which stands for Sports Coupe, is designed to appeal to those buyers who absolutely will not compromise on style. As a result, it has 3 doors, a coupe-like silhouette, and plenty of Spanish flavour – just check out those dramatic headlights and styling creases in the body work.

It’s aimed at people that want a bit of sportiness, too. The SC drives very well, taking to corners like a duck to discarded bread. It’s also comfortable, which is no mean feat considering how much fun it is to throw around.

Naturally, getting in and out of the rear seats is going to be trickier than it would be with a 5-door car (getting a child in and out of a car seat is a pain in the backside) but there’s certainly enough room back there, and it has the same size boot as the 5-door model.

For more information on the best value family cars download this free guide and select the free Seat Leon SC brochure and free test drive so you can try before you buy, also check the certified pre-owned Kia dealership which has pretty good options.

3. Nissan Qashqai

nissan-qashqai-360-1The Qashqai has been a real family favourite since it burst on the scene, and for good reason – it ticks just about every box required of a family car.

It might look large, but it’s incredibly easy (and fun) to drive. Buy the 1.6-litre DCI version and you’ll be genuinely surprised at how quickly it goes and, remarkably, the fact it’ll still return 48mpg.

Of course, the Qashqai is very well geared for family life, with a spacious, thoughtfully-designed cabin and bags of boot space.

On your hunt for the best value family cars you may well like the sound of this family favourite. For more information download this free guide and select the free Nissan Qashai brochure and free test drive – so you can try before you make your decision.

4. VW Golf Bluemotion 1.2 TSI

golf-bluemotion-heroThe Golf Bluemotion is right up there with the Focus Ecoboost, matching it stride for stride in just about every department. We’d argue the Focus is a touch more entertaining to drive, but we prefer the Golf’s interior and exterior styling, and its cabin is a touch more comfortable. There isn’t much difference between the pair where economy is concerned, both returning around 57mpg, and both costing a meagre £30 per year to tax.


5. Hyundai Santa Fe

santafe-1Those of you with larger broods will want to turn your attention towards an SUV such as the fantastic Hyundai Santa Fe. This car’s major selling point is the fact it comes with seven seats. It has three pews in the rear, as normal, but also a pair of fold-up seats in the whopping great big boot that can be used for young children, or even small adults on short to medium-length journeys.

Usefully, the Santa Fe has four-wheel-drive, meaning there are few roads it can’t conquer. It’ll get you safely to and from home in wet, snowy or icy weather, providing the extra confidence you need when conditions take a turn for the worse. And if you do get stranded, there’s enough room in the cabin to accommodate a double mattress, so you can kick back and gaze at the stars through the panoramic glass sunroof. Overall, a top pick from the best value family cars.

6. Ford B-Max

ford bmaxSpace is the name of the game with the B-Max. Ford has done away with the B pillars (the middle columns between the front and rear doors) meaning its rear doors open by sliding rearward. As a result, it’s incredibly easy to get in and out of or to load a child into a car seat.

The rear is a tad narrow, so you’ll struggle to accommodate adults sitting three abreast, but the seats are comfortable and there’s sufficient knee-room for all but the tallest of passengers. The boot is large, the rear seats fold flat to make more space for those inevitable trips to Ikea and there are lots of cubby holes to store family bits and pieces.

7. Volvo V60

The V60 is probably the most reassuring car to drive of our entire selection. This is mainly because it handles, drives and stops very well, but also volvo-v60because modern Volvos (much like classic ones) are hewn from the same space granite as Superman’s jaw.

The V60 isn’t simply about brute force, however, it’s also incredibly clever. It’s fitted with an array of high-tech computers and sensors that can scan the road ahead for danger (errant kids, jaywalking adults) and will automatically apply the brakes for you – even if little Johnny is doing his best to distract you in the rear.

If you’re looking to pick from the best value family cars don’t forget to download your free family car guide, free car brochures and book your free test drive.

We think there’s something for just about everyone in this esteemed group, but if your requirements differ then check out Recombu’s car comparison to see how your own favourites stack up side by side.
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We hope you enjoyed our guide on the best value family cars, right now we have a BMW lease and we love our car! If you have a recommendation or want to share your experience please do leave a comment below.