Mwah, kissing polar bear – salt & pepper shakers


Owl and polar bear salt and pepper potsThese salt and pepper pots are awesome. Big Mamma is a big time polar bear lover and these were bought for her by the man of the house as a Christmas present.

They really are the cutest!

The story goes the Big Mamma’s husband was drunk and smoking a cigar outside of The Savoy Hotel in London, he was being nosey as he waitied to go back in to his do and saw these polar bears in the window of a shop.

Hubby, knowing he would score mega brownie points went in and begged for them, they were the only pair and weren’t actually for sale as the shop had them for window display purposes only. After much begging, he managed to somehow come away with them.

You can find them at Amazon for £11.50, they do other animals too, so something for everyone.

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