My Christmas Lunch resolutions!

emma marsh

Christmas is definitely a time for indulgence in my family but it’s very easy to find I’ve bought and cooked far too much, and after the expense of buying all the presents I go into January feeling rather cash-strapped.

But there is hope – this year I have two aims: buying just the right amount and then serving up the right portion for the family. Whether it’s Brussels sprouts or roast potatoes I intend to get it just right this year!

Here’s how:

  • I shall be planning my meals over the Christmas fortnight making sure I can eat from the freezer as often as possible to make space for those Christmas leftovers – and also give me a few nights of from cooking! That extra lasagne I cooked and froze last night will be perfect for Christmas Eve when I have enough to worry about!
  • brussel sproutsI shall check my cupboards to make sure I don’t buy what I already have (a common thing in my household, unfortunately) and then make – and stick – to my shopping list. No getting distracted and spending twice as much money (and time) as I did last year!
  • I’m also cooking for extra people for the first time – the in-laws are coming – so I’m going to try the Perfect Portion calculator to remove the guess work.

If I do find myself with extras, I shall just freeze the leftovers as home-made ready meals for the New Year… Festive treats for no extra time or money – what could be better?

Emma Marsh heads up Love Food Hate Waste, which aims to raise awareness of the issue of food waste and offer simple everyday tips and support to help consumers save money and waste less. Emma is also a keen grower of fruit and veg in her garden and allotment at home.