Pamper Me – Yes please!

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The MyFamilyClub team had a very productive weekend exhibiting at the Baby Show. Our Marketing Manager, Rebecca Caine, did a fantastic job making our booth look eye catching, and the goody bags were just divine – we ran out early on Sunday morning! The team did MyFamilyClub proud and generated lots of buzz.

Our brand partner, balance Me, loaded us up with 1000 samples of their organic Rose Otto body wash. There were so many mums dipping into the box to pick them out, I had to move them out of the way and ration them!

Rebecca is going to kill me, but as I left the office on Friday evening, I spotted a Rose Otto body wash and citrus and spice moisturiser on her desk, so I swiped them both so I could pamper myself this weekend. After an exhausting year building MyFamilyClub and juggling home life, I was desperate to lounge in the bath with a glass of wine, a book and some nice smellies.

Using my commute home to start the process, I gave myself a hand massage with the cream, which made typing on my iPad and flipping the pages of my book super smelly; the cream is really luxurious and the smells were divine: mandarin, clove and spearmint.

Although I came down with a stinking cold on Saturday, I managed to get Friday night’s bath in with my sense of smell intact. I spoilt myself with the Rose Otto body wash and squirted it in the bath for bubbles and then exfoliated with a glove and the wash. The smell alone is so relaxing. I had a little chuckle to myself about how when we were about eight my cousin and I used to collect rose petals from my nan’s garden and put them in a bottle with some water; not quite the same delicious smell, I must add!

If you were to ask any of my friends and family, they would tell you I am totally addicted to smellies. Every birthday / Christmas I get the same thing from my best friend, which is the Kiehls coriander body wash – it’s a real treat but it lasts me around six months as I use it when I need a pick-me-up or am feeling particularly sorry for myself!

I would say the balance Me Rose Otto body wash is on a par with Kiehls; if I was bought a bottle for Xmas I wouldn’t be disappointed… I love the fact that I can use it on my kids too.

I have hidden it away in the bathroom, out of the reach of little hands and my mum coming to stay as I know she’ll be straight at it!

Now I have to face the wrath of Rebecca for swiping it off her desk, but hopefully she’ll feel sorry for me being poorly (I’ll put it on a bit) and I’ll come out smelling of roses….fnar fnar…