Parents spend £327 on baby fashion

parents spending on baby fashion

parents spending on baby fashionBabies have a bulging wardrobe of 56 outfits on average, as parents feel pressure to match the likes of celeb tots Suri Cruise and Harper Beckham, according to a new study.

Fashion conscious parents are spending £327 kitting out their kids in their first year, with one in eight stylish babies owning more than 100 outfits.

The study from Marks and Spencer, which polled 1,000 parents of children aged five and under, also revealed that a third admitted to splashing out over £100 on outfits before their baby was born.

Surprisingly 40% said they refuse to dress their child in hand-me-downs, insisting on their little ones wearing brand new clothes – despite hard financial times.

Beckham and harper-seven Source: TwitterIs media pressure to blame?

Celebrity style is everywhere we look – you can’t pick up a magazine or newspaper without being bombarded with another snap of a yummy mummy or dapper dad with their perfectly dressed munchkin. Does it make you feel the urge to keep up with the Kardashians? Two in five mums and dads said that seeing pictures of well-dress celebrity offspring ‘piles on the pressure’.

Competition to impress amongst peers can also be a factor, with many parents finding it difficult to fit in with their friends’ spending habits.

But not all parents believe the hype. Mother of one Bernise said: “I don’t think there is any need to dress your babies in such expensive gear. They don’t notice as long as they’re comfortable, and you can pick up second-hand designer bits in great condition from car boot fares and charity shops for as little as a pound anyway!”

Waste of money?

On average babies wear an item just 12 times – with the ‘cost per wear’ not quite adding up, while 65% of parents are given items they would never dress their baby in (shockingly over half of all parents admit to throwing baby clothes in the bin!)

What happened to one man’s junk is another’s treasure? M&S are working with Oxfam and encouraging the recycling of clothes as part of their ‘shwopping’ campaign.

But how about selling your clothes on via eBay, or having a ‘swap party’ of your own? There are plenty of ways to save on kitting out your kids. And if you are looking for something new – here’s where to get them for less.

What do you think? Would you spend over £300 on your tot to keep up with celebrity fashion?