Tasty treats for under £2


Last week our lovely printers, Impressions, brought in 24 Krispy Kreme doughnuts for us, yes 24! We’re a small team here at MyFamilyClub so I ended up eating 4 and a half of them.  Four glazed and half a raspberry-filled one. Melt in your mouth yum.

As I was seeing if I could fit a whole doughnut in my mouth, my copy of Marketing magazine landed on my desk, complete with a Q&A with Krispy Kreme’s chief marketing officer – tasty coincidental reading!

From the Q&A I learnt that last year Krispy Kreme’s UK revenue was £33.5m. On average people buy from them seven or eight times a year and each original doughnut has only 217 calories! Not bad at all.

We clearly love our affordable treats in the UK! Times are tough and purse strings are tight, so a cheap treat every so often is a must. I’m no dietician, but I’ve done a little research and munching to find some top tasty, affordable treats each under £2 and each under 100 calories:

  1. Cadbury’s Highlights Mousse, 60 calories ( £1.18 for 4)
  2. Two Jaffa Cakes, 90 calories (£1.00 per pack)
  3. A single Cadbury’s Rose, 50 calories (£1.19/100g)
  4. 25 Jelly Belly jelly beans, 100 calories (1.79/100g)
  5. Snack a Jacks popcorn, 50 calories (44p)
  6. Skinny Cow ice-cream (triple chocolate) 100 calories (83p/100ml)
  7. Quaver crisps, 87 calories (43p)
  8. Five squares of Green & Black’s chocolate, 85 calories (85p)
  9. Fun sized Milky Way, 87 calories (95p/100g)
  10. Tunnock’s Chocolate Tea Cake, 91 calories (£1.55 for 10)

Available from most good supermarkets! Let me know what you think – anything tasty and low calorie I’ve missed here? I welcome samples and treats sent to me personally at our office address.