The Top 20 Bucket List: What’s yours?

bucket list

bucket listOne would have thought it would be skydiving, snorkelling in the Mariana Trench or swimming with dolphins. But the greatest achievement in life for most people in Britain is paying off their mortgage and having a good family life.

A poll of 1,000 over 50’s of what their biggest achievements have been in their life has returned a heart-warming list reflecting thoughtfulness and simple values.

Make a Wish Foundation UK published a list of top 20 achievements that the average Brit considers to be most important in their life.


1.         Paying off the mortgage

2.         Keeping kids on the straight and narrow

3.         Maintaining a strong bond with your children

4.         Having a marriage that lasts more than 30 years

5.         Getting married

6.         Staying faithful to your partner

7.         Being able to support your family financially

8.         Finding true love

9.         Making time to watch the children grow up

10.        Supporting children through university

11.        Not having a criminal record

12.        Maintaining a strong bond with your relatives

13.        Obtaining a degree

14.        Never having experienced unemployment

15.        Travelling to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit

16.        Being home to put the kids to bed most nights

17.        Being able to afford nice holidays

18.        Always having a clean driving licence

19.        Being charitable

20.        Living as much as you can to help other people

One of the most glaringly obvious things about the list is that it is unpretentious and down to earth. Hollywood and popular culture has taught us that a life is not lived if one hasn’t skydived, swam with dolphins or hiked the Appalachian Trail, but the reality is that most of us consider a happy fulfilling family life above and beyond anything else.

The staff at MyFamilyClub echoed similar sentiments when asked about the one thing they’d like to achieve in their lives, with many saying that having a family was the best thing that they’d ever done (though whether they said that just because their family are regular readers of this website, we’ll never know).

Our Communications Executive, Diana, probably summed it up best when she said she would count her life as a success if she managed to have a family and a successful career without “losing her marbles”.