The value of dads


Diana BlogOne of the best things about the Queen (aside from her posse of amazing dogs) is the fact that she is one of the most famous mums in the world.

It seems fitting that the focus, the joy and the questionable memorabilia all, rightly, focus on a woman who has raised her kids, and grandkids in the full glare of the public all the while staying gloriously matchy-matchy.

It seems interesting, then, that as we pull down the bunting and detox from the celebratory cake, the next big occasion to mark our calendars should be Father’s Day.

Do dads get enough of the glory? It’s a tricky one because as Prince Phillip stays in the background occasionally popping up to make yet another fruity comment, Prince Charles has become a real beacon of what it is to be a father, publically protecting his sons after the sad death of Princess Diana.

I’ve been thinking  about Father’s Day quite a lot recently. It will almost be a year in August when my father sadly passed away, and so I wanted to use this Father’s Day as it was intended, as a way to remember the positive contributions dads make to the lives of their families.diana fathers day blog

As a little girl and now as a not so little girl, my mum would be the one I would go to when I was confused, scared or just wanted a cuddle – and I’m sure it’s like that for most people. However, my relationship with my dad was very special. He was the one that introduced me to politics and would patiently explain how WWF looked real but was actually fake and everyone knew that it was fake but they still pretend it was real!

So, this Father’s Day make sure you pull together something gorgeous, because even though he’ll never think so, he’s worth it!