Thrifty Families Blog Carnival kicks off!

Lorraine Heller

Yesterday was the very first Thrifty Families Blog Carnival – a brilliant way to share ideas on how to save some money for your family, with all sorts of fantastic tried-and-tested frugal living tips.

As soon as we heard about it, we knew it would be a great success; parents come up with so many inventive ways to stretch their cash, which are often fun and funky and result in quality time with the family.

So, well done to the three brilliant mums (Becky, from Baby Budgeting; Cass, from Frugal Family; and Jen, from A Thrifty Mum), who decided to scan the web for these ideas and put them all together for others to enjoy.

The Thrifty Families Blog Carnival will be published every month, making the round of the above blogs. If you want to share your ideas in next month’s carnival, send a link to your blog post to [email protected] by Tuesday 6 December.

The tips and inspirations shared this month span topics from meal planning and shopping to keeping the house warm – but my favourite were these craft and design ideas:

For more great thrifty tips, check out this month’s carnival. Enjoy!