Thrifty swapaholic

Jess Neale

Jess NealeWhen you imagine the latest beauty must-have you might think of a designer foundation or a gorgeous pink lipgloss.

Well apparently not. Sudocrem – a favourite cream used by mums to treat baby’s nappy rash – is seeing sales hit the roof. The bargainaous £2.75 cream is now commonly used to combat more than just nappy rash – including dry skin, cold sores and acne. Even Cheryl Cole uses the stuff!

This got me thinking… What other thrifty swaps can we make from our shopping list to save cash?

Swap dry shampoo for talcum powder

When dry shampoo appeared on the scene, girls everywhere were amazed at its ability to transform and refresh hair.  But let’s not forget, trusty talcum powder has been around longer and can work just as well! When I was travelling this was a staple in my backpack, and I still swear by it. It’s a quick fix and works wonders in a hurry on my blonde hair.

Swap furniture polish for olive oil

No one likes housework but we’d all like it a bit better if it was saving us money in the process. Try swapping furniture polish for a natural homemade alternative. Olive oil and lemon juice mixed together can do a great job at shining wooden worktops. A little goes a long way; just dab onto a soft cloth and off you go. Lemony fresh!

Swap chemical toilet cleaner for Coca Cola

Do you hate that chemical smell of bleach? Swap your toilet cleaner for a can of Coca Cola – or even the flat coke left in a bottle. Pour around the rim and it will get rid of nasty stains. Let it sit for an hour or so and the acids in the fizzy pop will do their thing. Flush and see the sparkle.

Swap expensive face masks for yoghurt

Everyone deserves some ‘me time’, some time to indulge, relax and pamper yourself, but you don’t have to feel guilty for splurging on expensive beauty treats. Instead just visit your fridge! Plain yoghurt is said to tighten pores and cleanse skin, so pop it on like a cooling face mask, relax and wash off.

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