Tidy tips from Mr Messy


felix playingI’m a bit of a clean freak. I like things in order and organised.

So when my two year old nephew Felix comes round to visit, my flat really doesn’t stay the way it’s supposed to.

Here are some top time and tidying saving tips I’ve learnt to get my flat back in shape, with the help of little Mr messy himself:

1. Felix loves Fireman Sam, he demands I sing the theme tune over and over. To make the mornings swifter, I can get him up and dressed quickly by shouting “there’s a fire in Pontypandy, Fireman Sam needs your help, quick let’s get in our fireman’s clothes”. Like a good little fireman, Felix will jump to action with enthusiasm and speed!

2. Go for long walks! The less time in the flat the better.

3. Make tidying, brushing teeth or any task into a contest. “I bet you can’t do it better than me!” Or “can you beat me?”

4. A rocket lolly (made with frozen fruit). Bribery goes a very long way!

5. Felix loves the show Little Charley Bear – Charley has a big toy box and puts his toys away at the end of each episode. So I’ll drop into conversation with Felix, particularly when he’s throwing things around the room, “now what would Little Charley Bear do?”

6. Get organised – big toy tidies, dedicated space for nappies and supplies. Everything should have a place.

7. Eat food as a family unit where possible. Felix loves seeing his Uncle eat and will always try to copy. For lunch we’ll often have a picnic on a big wipe clean blanket (old shower curtain!) on the floor.

8. Make washing hands fun. One of the very first phrases Felix could say was “let’s wash our hands”! He loves squeezing his own soap on his hands under running water.Mr Messy

9. Lead by example – “Look Felix, I’m tidying up and not pulling all the books of my bookshelf!”

10. Be an aunty – then you get to hand them back at the end of the day!