Why I love freecycling!

Annie Joubert

Annie JoubertRecently we had a professional decorator to do a couple of rooms in our house. Shane came to us highly recommended and really is a delightful chap.

We were talking about clearing out our loft, sheds and garage and what to do with the stuff that we didn’t want to put on eBay but must be worth something to someone.

Shane told us that he and his wife have four children under the age of 10, and that when their dishwasher died, he looked at Freecycle and there was an offer of a dishwasher (a better brand and model than his now defunct one) with the caveat that it had to be collected that evening. Well, decorators have vans so that wasn’t a problem to Shane so he managed to secure it. Apparently the offer had only gone on to the Freecycle site that morning because the donor (a military person) was about to go off on a foreign posting and the person who had originally earmarked the dishwasher no longer wanted it. Lucky Shane!

We put our old front door on Freecycle last week – it was in very good condition, solid wood and nicely painted by yours truly (no drips or runs on the satin gloss), black out-facing and white in-facing, complete with lovely satin chrome door furniture.

A single mum emailed to ask if she could possibly have it because the door to her home hadrecycle balloon been smashed by burglars when she was out at work and the kids were at school. She came that very evening to collect it – the kids helping my husband load it into their huge station-wagon-type vehicle. Alan did say that he wasn’t quite sure how the children fitted into the car but he checked to make sure none were left on the pavement when Mum drove off.

I later received a text from her thanking us again, saying how thrilled she was with it and that once it was fitted over the weekend she thought perhaps she “might get some sleep at last”… Poor woman, but what a sweet and deserving person.

So our experience of Freecycle definitely creates a warmth in our hearts – it feels so good to be able to help someone in need instead of throwing good stuff away.