Thinking behind regional pay proposals questioned

UK map

UK mapThose of you who work in the public sector may have been worried recently about regional pay proposals.

It's been said that your salary could vary depending on where you live - throwing the
income you support your family with into uncertainty.

Ministers in the UK Government say alterations must be taken into consideration as the current non-regional pay system can prove to be a disadvantage to the private sector when trying to recruit staff.

But in Wales, the finance minister has warned that regional pay proposals are "deeply flawed".

Jane Hutt has revealed that the Cardiff Bay Labour Government has published new evidence on the Treasury's proposals.

She said it isn't right to claim that public sector workers in Wales are paid more than their private sector counterparts.

She said: "Contrary to what the Treasury states, there is no good case for thinking the gap between public and private sector pay is larger in Wales than in other parts of the UK.

"We also can not see any evidence that 'excessive' public sector pay has been 'crowding out' private sector employment in Wales.

"It is also clear a number of important factors have simply been ignored in the Treasury's analysis, and once these are factored in, there is no clear evidence a persistent pay differential exists across the public sector as a whole."