2012: Innovations to make shopping cheaper

mobile phone shopping

mobile phone shoppingWe all love shopping, right? However, with money tight and saving on many people's minds, a splurge on the high street is probably way off your radar.

Bearing this in mind, retail experts have highlighted how new technology has, and is continuing to make shopping more enjoyable, less time-consuming - and most importantly, cheaper.

In fact, retail platform Shopow reckons that all new shopping innovations should have at their core the aim of saving us cash.

If you did most of your Christmas shopping from the sofa, laptop on knee and cuppa in hand, then you'll know all about the rise of online shopping.

Nearly £60 billion was spent online by people last year, figures showed, and it is thought that new technological developments to help us shop could see that figure rise again this year.

One of the most prominent areas of growth here is mobile technology. If you have a smartphone, you may well find it easier to browse shopping apps with that rather than loading up the desktop PC.

Another benefit here is if you fall in love with that dress in one shop, you can quickly go online via your mobile to check if you can find it cheaper. It is thought that one item will be bought every second using a mobile in the coming months.

Ellen Flood, independent shopping expert from Shopow, said: "Pressures brought about by tight budgets are prompting retailers to consider new approaches to attracting shoppers.

"High street stores are now beginning to embrace interactive technology to create a more personal and involving shopping experience, in order to encourage the destination and experiential shopping that is currently somewhat lacklustre.

"Stores that are embracing a multi-channel approach across mobile, online and in-store will be best placed to benefit from the latest innovations that include the integration of social media.

"Smartphones are beginning to function as a platform to get detailed product information on the go, seek out the best deals, take recommendations and actually buy the product with contactless technology."

If reading this has got you raring to go shopping via your phone, you'll need to know the best websites to visit. Why not take a look at our shopping directory to get you started?