£37K: the cost of a dishwasher?

washing up

washing upCleaning up after tea can be a real pain, and us Brits have become rather dependent on our trusty dishwashers. But new research suggests this particular luxury costs us more than a staggering £570 every year.

With soaring energy bills and the cost of living rising, families are always looking for ways to save money. But our dishwashers, which many of us load without even thinking, costs us hundreds per year to use. The report by cleaning experts Vileda worked out that this equates to an eye-watering £36,891.18 over an adult lifetime!

So why not return to the sink? You'll even be able to save a little more by being savvy with your water consumption. The Energy Saving Trust found washing up by hand using a sink of water twice a day instead of leaving the tap running can save you up to £60 a year - £34 a year on your gas bill and around £25 on your water bill if you have a water meter.

Lindsey Taylor, from Vileda, said: "Washing up is a really cost effective way of keeping energy bills down. By being careful and only using as much hot water as is necessary, returning to the sink can have a real impact on those scary monthly bills."

Etiquette expert Liz Brewer, who is backing the campaign, advised: "To get the quickest and best results that will feel rewarding, you have to be systematic. Start with the things you put in your mouth first as you need the hottest water and the freshest suds to get things such as cutlery and glass wear as clean and hygienic as possible and only then should you move on to plates and pans."

And the Energy Saving Trust recommended: "If you need to rinse utensils or wash vegetables, use cold water if possible and don't leave the tap running!"