45 minutes a week spent ‘dwelling on regrets’

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Time makeover clockWe might have a great family and a fulfilling job, but it seems most of us can't help wondering every now and then what our lives would have been like if we had done things differently.

A new study by Electric Zebra has found that we spend around 45 minutes each week pondering our regrets, which range from our love lives (20%) to family (18%), career (16%) and health (14%) to finances (14%).

The survey found that not having saved enough money is our most common cause for regret, followed by wishing we had tried harder at school.

Many of us also wish we had never started smoking, had exercised more and spent more time travelling.

Other common regrets include not telling someone we loved them and failing to save a damaged friendship.

However, it seems we can also act on our regrets, as two in three of those polled said they had learnt from their mistakes, and one in four said they would not be the person they are today if they did not have any such regrets.