£7bn wasted through inefficient driving

inefficient driving

inefficient drivingEnglish motorists are losing £7 billion in car costs every year because of inefficient driving, the Energy Saving Trust says.

On average motorists could be saving £270 each, which works out as 20p per litre of petrol or diesel, if they simply drive their cars with more care.

Driving tips for saving money

The trust is urging drivers to slow down, keep their tyres properly inflated and to break and accelerate more gently if they want to save money on car costs.

It is also more cost effective to change into a higher gear sooner, go without air conditioning, switch off the engine in road standstills and to take off unused roof racks.

Taking heed of these simple driving guidelines can save drivers, who are estimated to drive an average of 8,347 miles each year, 74p per day.

The Energy Saving Trust's Tim Anderson said: "Smarter driving techniques are easy to adopt but can make a huge difference at the pumps, which is more important than ever in these tough economic times.

"If every driver in England adopted the trust's tactics, they could save around £6.6 billion a year."

Other ways for motorists to save

The cost of running a car during these difficult economic conditions can become difficult, but there are also many other ways to save money on driving.

Taking part in a car sharing scheme in order to get to work can save both time, money and hassle, while some websites allow you to avoid expensive parking tickets by parking at someone's house for a small fee - you may even be able to rent out your own driveway.

When searching for car insurance, too, many savings can be made by shopping around regularly for a deal that suits your needs best, rather than just sticking with your current provider because it seems easier.