‘Absurd’ Olympic ticket situation ‘will be sorted’

olympic babies in arms

mother and babyHow would you feel if you gave your precious newborn an early, once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the London Olympics in the flesh, only to be told you wouldn't be allowed to sit with them in the stadium?

This "absurd" situation is currently the reality for those who were able to secure coveted Games tickets for this summer, but were unknowingly 'with child' at the time of application.

London 2012 bosses are now facing increasing pressure to sort out the bizarre regulation which currently states that parents in such a position will not be able to take their baby along to sit on their knee with them - and that even if they were able to fork out for an extra ticket, the child would still not be guaranteed a seat nearby.

Labour MP Dame Joan Ruddock brought up the issue at Culture, Media and Sport questions in the Commons. She said one of her constituents bagged tickets last year before falling pregnant, throwing her plans to watch the Games into apparent chaos.

Dame Joan (Lewisham, Deptford) said: "She expects to have a few-weeks-old baby at the time of her events.

"When she contacted (Games organiser) Locog, she was told to purchase an extra seat for the baby - but the seat could not be guaranteed next to the parents.

"Given airlines are able to allow babes in arms at 35,000ft, surely it would be possible in a stadium?"

Luckily it appears normal sanity will soon be resumed, with even Olympics minister Hugh Robertson labelling the situation "absurd".

"I don't think I will even attempt to defend that one," he said. "The organising committee are considering this exact issue. At the moment, it is clearly an absurdity and a solution will be found."