Adults spend three years of life cooking

cooking with kids

cooking with kidsA surprising new report has revealed that adults in the UK spend an average of three years of their life cooking food.

According to research from AGA Cookshop which questioned a staggering 30,000 people, that is the equivalent to 1,132 days of our lives rustling up our favourite dishes!

So typically we spend around 72 minutes a day cooking something tasty, which in the course of lifetime amounts to three years.

The study also found that four in 10 of those polled have a 'signature dish' which they love to make, while half said they had been given secret family recipes handed down to them from their ancestors. The majority (75%) say they will keep the traditions going by passing on the recipes to their kids.

"We are a nation of food lovers and many of us consider cooking to be a pleasure rather than a chore. This is a good thing because, as our research shows, on average we will spend three years of our life rustling up dishes to eat," said Caroline Smith, commercial manager at AGA Cookshop.

"This is a long time in anyone's book and our intention is to make cooking as easy and as enjoyable as possible, so all that time spent in the kitchen is seen as time well spent."

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