Agents advise May break bookings

may holiday

may holidayAs April showers continue to buffet Britain, many of us are dreaming of heading overseas to catch up on some sunshine.

But while it might be a few months before the warm weather hits the British Isles, travel agents are urging people to snap up unusually low-cost holidays before the end of May.

As people start to make plans for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June, holiday bookings for summer breaks are in swift decline, dragging holiday prices with them.

Commenting on the trend, managing director at, Mark Attwell said: "In this market, booking at short notice will usually secure the best deal.

"To be exact, you'll get the cheapest price on a package holiday if you can hold off booking until one month before, although you run the risk of your holiday selling out.

"For example, an average seven-night break to Spain in May was £300 if you booked last November. Now the same holiday is available for £200."

So what are you waiting for..? Spring is the new summer!