Airport prices – how much are you wasting?

airport prices

airport pricesWe're all only too aware of the inflated extent of airport prices, but with impatient mouths that need feeding and the promise of duty free purchases, it is very easy to fill the time waiting for a family flight abroad with too much spending.

As we begin to get ready for our holidays abroad this summer in the aftermath of a double dip recession, many of us will be trying to avoid this common trap - especially as a new survey has found that UK families use up as much as an alarming 10% of their holiday spending money in the departure lounge before a flight.

Just one family of four spends £116 on average at the airport after checking in for a flight abroad, from an average spending money of £1,100, travel agency discovered.

The results came from a survey of 1,783 UK adults who had been on a break abroad as a family of four in the last year and fallen victime to sky-high airport prices.

As many as 97% said they spent money at the airport - most commonly on drinks to take on the flight. The next most popular purchases are meals; snacks and sweets; toiletries; and magazines, newspapers or books.

The cost of currency exchange

Those families planning a trip to the US will want to be extra careful with their expenditure this summer, as the value of the pound has fallen to its lowest against the dollar this year.

According to Post Office Travel Money, UK holidaymakers in the USA are getting 7.2% less in holiday spending money compared to this time last year, and 29% less than in 2007 when £1 could buy as many as $2.

Although as Post Office Travel Money head, Andrew Brown, says - it's not all doom and gloom: "Obviously, this is disappointing for families planning trips to the United States.

"However, our holiday costs barometer reveals that people travelling to the US will still pay slightly less than in the UK for drinks like coffee and Coca-Cola and significantly less when shopping for designer clothes, toys and other retail items."

Budgeting for your holiday abroad

With the value of the pound slipping and the ever-present temptation of spending at the airport, families need to plan ahead and stick rigidly to budgets for holidays. co-founder, Chris Clarkson, said: "To see that as much as 10% of the holiday spending money budget is blown in the airport before a family have even left the UK is a revelation indeed."

"When booking a holiday and saving for spending money, people often forget about expenses incurred on things like transport to the airport, airport hotel stays and the money spent on a pre-flight meal, or getting some last-minute toiletries."