All kids want for Christmas… is you!

mother and son together at christmas

mother and son together at christmasAsk them what they're hoping for this Christmas and you'd expect the answer to come out of most children's mouths would be something along the lines of smartphone, laptop or new clothes.

But children, bless them, can surprise you and the results of new survey suggest that perhaps we can often underestimate our kids.

A heartening study by Butlins has shown that 40% of the UK's children would rather Santa brought them quality time with their families than a bulging sack of presents this Christmas!

Being a family, enjoying a traditional Christmas and even eating sprouts are among the surprising answers given by the kids involved in the poll, which will make mums, dads, granddads and grannies up and down the country stop and make sure they are setting aside enough time for the little ones this Yuletide.

Just over half of those asked said that mum and dad work so hard they don't get enough time to do stuff together for large parts of the regular year.

A quarter of children are desperately hoping for festive visits from lesser-seen relatives.

Butlins official Director of Happiness, Mark Hunter, says: "Seeing mum and dad work hard throughout the year, and not being able to spend as much time with them as they'd like, is prompting kids to think about the bigger picture.

"Of course they are looking forward to Santa's arrival, but they are also hoping for quality family time - the chance to reconnect and enjoy each others company."

So maybe our little ones are indeed little angels after all?! To make sure their Christmas wishes come true and they are granted all the family time they crave this winter, take a look at these tips on creating more time in the day.