And here’s what you could’ve been paying…

comparing bill

comparing billFamilies across the UK are being urged to sign up to a new challenge to see just how much they could save on their combined telecoms bills.

Citing figures from Ofcom, Direct Save Telecom said households typically spend £63.10 on telecoms services each month, with £31.34 of this going on mobile phone costs alone.

Further to this, an average £22.27 is usually spent on fixed voice, with £9.48 attributed to internet and broadband services.

In a bid to lower family bills, and help ease our budgets, the firm has now launched a
new challenge which gives us the chance to really start saving some cash.

It has called on consumers to send in their current telecoms bills and compare how much cash they could have saved with the help of Direct Save Telecom.

The company's chief executive, Stavros Tsolakis, said: "This is not a marketing ploy, there are no hidden tricks, and the cost of your bill will not suddenly soar.

"We know we can save the average British family hundreds of pounds on their telecom needs, and we are quite willing to prove this before anybody signs up."

The clear message from Direct Save is if you want to reduce your phone and broadband costs then you should look away from the old fashioned telecom firm and look to the new generation companies.

After checking out the Direct Save Telecom website, you can send your bills to the company by scanning them and forwarding them on to [email protected]