Anger persists over child benefit plans

uk benefit shake up

child benefit angerWe've all got our views on the Government's plans to reform the child benefit system.

And now it seems even some Conservative MPs are keen to speak out against the Coalition's proposals.

Ministers intend to prevent those who earn above £50,000 from being able to access full child benefit to support their families. Under the Government's new child benefit plans, families earning over £50,000 will still receive child benefit but will have to pay back a proportion of this vai their tax returns.

One backbencher, Christopher Chope, the MP for Christchurch, said these people should not be forced to pay more towards the Government's deficit reduction efforts just because they have youngsters.

He stated: "I would describe this as a tax on mummies and daddies in the squeezed, hard-working middle. People on equivalent incomes without parental responsibilities have nothing extra to pay.

"Households with joint incomes of up to £100,000 will also pay nothing while single parents earning over £60,000 will pay a minimum of £1,300 a year more."

Chancellor George Osborne had originally put forward plans to prevent households from accessing child benefit when one parent fell into the 40% tax bracket.

However, he amended these plans in his Budget last month, extending the threshold to £50,000.