Are you a ‘compulsive bank balance checker’?

checking bank balance online

checking bank balance onlineAs households up and down the country tighten their belts, many of us are checking our bank balances compulsively - nearly 40% of us know it to the nearest fiver!

In a bid to keep tabs on everything we spend, more than one in five of us check our bank balance at least once a day. Another 22% check in upwards of three times a week.

This trend has been boosted by mobile apps and internet banking, which allow us to suss out our money situation at the click of a button. Halifax, which carried out the survey, said the squeeze on finances combined with these new technologies has bred a "generation of compulsive bank balance checkers".

And it seems many of us are checking out of grave necessity - one in 10 say their finances come under pressure within just a week of receiving their monthly salary.

On average though, we tend to become cash-strapped 17 days after payday - which still doesn't exactly make for great reading.

While 38% of the 2,020 people surveyed knew their balance to the nearest £5, a further 23% knew how much they had to the nearest £20.

And it's no wonder - we're suffering high living costs and low pay rises, and many of us are now jobless.

In order to ensure you're as on top of things as you can be, these tips on how to budget should come in handy.