Are you being ‘cheated’ at work?

office worker

office workerIf you've ever felt unsure of your rights at work, you're not alone.

Whether you think you're undervalued, have had an issue with an employer or simply don't think you are getting paid enough, there are millions more like you - and when it comes to providing for our families, this just isn't good enough for most.

Alarmingly, a new study by trade unions has revealed that thousands of people like us are being "cheated" out of our rightful wages.

In fact, some 150,000 workers are actually being paid less than the legal minimum wage as companies try to cut costs amid tough economic conditions, according to the TUC.

The group made the startling revelation as it launched its new campaign in London to help workers understand their basic rights. The TUC has published a guide offering information about organisations which may be able to help with problems at work - a must for any mums and dads looking to swot up on their terms of employment.

And with the number of rogue employers on the rise, the TUC wants to help people protect themselves from potential exploitation and ensure that family budgets up and down the country are being set against the correct figure.

Frances O'Grady, the deputy general secretary of the TUC, said: "Tackling vulnerable employment is a key concern for unions.

"Workers in low-paid sectors such as care, cleaning, hospitality, security and construction can find themselves working excessively long hours, sometimes with no contract of employment. Their work can be insecure and they are regularly paid below the minimum wage."

If you do feel you are being unfairly rewarded for your work, take a look at this guide offering advice on how to ask for a pay rise, and it might also be worth checking out these five things that your employer isn't allowed to tell you.