Are you being misled by supermarket prices?

supermarket prices

supermarket pricesWe all try our best to save money on our food shopping by keeping an eye out for the latest supermarket prices and deals. After all, pounds saved here can actually go a very long way to eking out the family budget.

However, it has been suggested that supermarkets are making it harder for us to find the best value - specifically when it comes to fruit, according to new research from a consumer watchdog.

Which? compared the cost of both loose and bagged bananas at Asda, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

It found they all price loose fruit per kilogram, but bags per banana, as well as having a total price.

In doing so, it claims retailers are making it impossible for customers to work out whether it is cheaper to buy bagged or loose fruit.

The best-value bagged bananas were found at Asda, but researchers could still not tell if they were cheaper or more expensive than buying them loose.

Consequently, Which? has called on supermarkets to show clear and consistent unit pricing per weight, volume or item to allow customers like us to easily compare costs and keep our hard-earned pennies safe.

Best buys

Savvy shopping and budgeting are the key to shaving money off your weekly food bill, and this starts with sniffing out the best buys.

Be sure to keep receipts from past trips to the supermarket and start to read them so you know where your money goes.

This will allow you to keep track of price fluctuations for all your main buys. The more you know about the changes in supermarket prices, the cleverer you can be with your purchasing.

To see serious savings you will have to wave goodbye to brand loyalty. Buy something cheaper, and don't be afraid to try different varieties and new things with own brand and even value ranges.

The same applies when it comes to where you shop. Lose any prejudice you may have and experiment with different supermarkets. Local farm shops and farmers markets are also great places to pick up food at discount prices.

Changing the time at which you shop can also help you bag a bargain and save money. Many shops reduce prices at the end of the day, and particularly on Sundays (or Saturday night if they don't open on a Sunday).

In addition, buying in bulk when a product is on offer and making use of coupons or vouchers will help to reduce your family's food bill. Try using this Best Buys table to easily track the cheapest place to find your essential buys each week.