Are your kids getting enough ‘you’ time?

mum and child in sunshine

mum and child in sunshineRunning round after our kids can make it seem like we spend every waking moment with them, but as we all know trying to free up space for quality time together can actually prove surprisingly difficult.

Whether you've got work to do, or they've got friends to see, being with the family often sadly falls by the wayside.

A new study completed by holiday firm Butlins has highlighted this problem by revealing that up to the age of 18 children will spend less than a year of quality time with their parents.

The research was designed to gauge how content families across Britain are, ahead of the Government's own report on the nation's happiness next year.

Although most households describe themselves as being happy, despite the current financial gloom, both parents and children said they would rather spend more time together.

You might think that working that bit more to give your kids a better Christmas or more pocket money is the key to making them happy, but the study revealed that many children would forego such treats simply to see more of mum and dad.

A lot of the children also said they'd be thrilled if the Government made the working day shorter, freeing up more time for their folks.

Results from the study showed that, on average, parents spend only 68 minutes a day with their children.

Butlins is hoping to help the family spirit make a surging comeback by removing the obstacles that block "together time". The firm has appointed positive psychologist Mark Hunter as its first Director of Happiness to advise on initiatives to improve family life.

"We wanted to dig deeper into family life by asking both parents and children to rate their happiness and what they thought got in its way.

"What is surprising and heartening is that in an age where we think kids want the latest gadgets and gear they actually rate time with mum and dad way above material things."