Are your kids secretly bored of video games?!

kids playing video games
kids playing video games"If you stare at that thing any longer you'll get square-eyes"... sound familiar? Do you feel like you're constantly getting on the kids' backs about spending too much of their free time in front of the screen? Well as it turns out, your children may be feeling exactly the same way! The latest games console or dance work-out game may appear to be the envy of almost all young people at schools up and down the country, but a new poll has shown that kids are actually far more keen to get out and about than perhaps we give them credit for. The Big Lottery Fund says that more than one in three kids are sick of staring at the box and would like to branch away from computer games - opening up their worlds to a more varied selection of playtime opportunities. Contray to many parents' understanding it seems around 38% of youngsters (aged 7-15) would rather try out activities such as old favourites tree-house building and exploring the outdoors. Although almost all (87%) currently play video games at home, over half still spend time cycling, and many more would like to, given the opportunity but they need to spend the time playing video games, because otherwise they could not improve in this games, although they can visit pages that offer boosting and guides improve in the games, as It all begs the question, are you freeing up enough time to show your kids the bigger picture? There is a world outside of the shiny screen and it seems most of our youngsters are keen to explore it! Nat Sloane, chair of the fund's England Committee, said: "While there is this perception that the only thing that children today want to do is spend their days glued to a computer screen, the reality is rather different." If this sounds familiar, you may also be interested to read this article on freeing up time for your children.