Arranging airport transfers just got easier

airport check in

airport check inWe all love family holidays, but the arrangements necessary to get you and your brood to the other side of the world and back home in one piece can often take the shine off the break.

However, one of those jobs has just become a lot easier - and cheaper - for families up and down the country.

For easyJet and coach operator National Express have put their heads together to take the trials and tribulations out of arranging airport transfers.

Nick Hughes, head of ancillary revenue at easyJet, said the new transfers deal comes as part of ongoing plans to make holidays as affordable as possible for families in the UK.

If you're pretty pleased about this news you'll want to know more about it, right?

Well, all you have to do is visit the National Express website, where you will find a wealth of cheaper and easy-to-arrange transfers within reach in little more than a few clicks.

The service covers flights from a raft of UK airports, including Luton, Stansted, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle.

National Express business development director Bruce Alexander said: "Customers will be able to book and guarantee their seat from and to the airport at the best possible price by booking early.

"E-tickets can be printed off at home by the customer and given to our driver when boarding the coach and with new routes at our key London airports, we are more accessible than ever before."

It's all good and well saving cash and time on transfers,but there are plenty of other holiday-related expenses too. Why not have a glance at this guide to getting the best deal next summer?