Avoid school run disasters with kit

Car breakdown

Car breakdownIf you've ever broken down amid the frost and ice you'll certainly know how being unprepared can really cost you in the time stakes.

Those who've been caught short without the right kit and ended up spending ages finding somewhere to buy de-icer or engine oil will be well-versed in what they should take on every winter journey to ensure they get to their destination on time.

But there are plenty of people who are not, according to a survey by Manheim Auctions. The poll found that many of us are not bothering to pack warm clothing, jump leads and other key items before hitting the road.

Jump leads - and the knowledge of how to use them - can be the difference between getting there on time and totally missing your deadline, whether it be getting yourself to work or even driving the kids to school. However, just a quarter of people said they keep them in their car.

So what can you do to make sure you're ahead of the pack? Well, making sure you have some de-icer and some screen wash in the car is a great way of saving time, because if you leave work on a cold night and find you have neither then a trip to the shops will be necessary before you can go anywhere.

Motorists are also urged to make sure they have an ice scraper and to carry a shovel and a warning triangle.

As Craig Mailey, marketing director at Manheim Auctions says: "Preparing for winter is second nature to many people but it goes beyond just carrying an ice scraper and de-icer. You need to prepare for the possibility of being stuck in traffic for long periods or of getting stranded in the snow."