Bank Breaking Summer Holidays Costs Rise To Over £700 Per Child During The Six-Week Break


A new study has found that, when it comes to the school summer holidays, the thing parents struggle with most is finding ways to keep their children entertained, making the money they have last for the duration and arranging day-care. These three expenses alone cost on average £450 per child, more than half the £700 average six-week spend.

With more than half of parents finding they get no help during the summer holidays, it has being revealed that they are forking out over £700 on activities per child over the six-weeks, and the looming summer holidays are not such a care-free time for some.

The team behind 2,496 parents from all around the UK as part of ongoing research into family expenses during the school holidays. All respondents stated that they were at least 18 years old and have at least one child under the age of 16 years old who’s about to break up from school for the summer holidays.

Initially all respondents were asked: “What do you find to be the biggest challenges during the summer holidays?” to which those taking part in the study stated “finding ways to keep the kids entertained” (34%), “making the money last” (33%) and “finding babysitters and day-care” (27%) to be the toughest challenges.

All respondents were then asked: “Do you get much assistance with the school holidays?” to which 51% stated that “no” they didn’t, whilst others were fortunate enough to have help from the grandparents (25%), their spouse (11%) and other parent friends (10%).

To determine how much parents spend during the six-week summer holidays, all parents were provided with a list of possible activities and asked to state how much they estimated they spent, per child, during the summer holidays of 2017.

The top five most expensive activities were found to be:

  1. Day trips – £200
  2. Babysitters and day-care – £155
  3. Toys, arts & crafts – £95
  4. Clothes – £85
  5. Food and drink – £80

Furthermore, it was found that the overall average spend per child over the course of the six-weeks was £720.

When asked how they were able to afford this expense for such a short period of time, over a third of parents stated that they “start saving ahead of time” (32%), whilst others resort to “using credit cards and overdrafts” to cover the costs (26%) or “borrow money” from family and friends (17%).

Anders Nilsson, spokesperson at, said:

“When you’re a kid, the summer holidays are amazing; six whole weeks off school for a start. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and ice creams for parents who have to find the money to keep their children entertained for such a long period of time. £700 is a large amount of money and that’s only taking into account one child. It’s going to be far more for those with two, three or even more children.

“Relying on borrowing to fund activities like this isn’t ideal, so now is the perfect time to take advantage of family deals on day-trips, discounted travel and even a great time to hook up with other parents struggling to entertain their children. Not only do the kids get to play amongst themselves, but you get some like-minded company too.”

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