Bargain hunters ”going extra mile”

red bag with sale now on

red bag with sale now onBritish shoppers travel the equivalent of nearly once around the world in a lifetime in their quest for bargains, a study has suggested.

Sainsbury's research revealed that shoppers travel an incredible 22,784 miles in their lives for this purpose, spending the equivalent of almost seven months heading to and around superstores.

The determination to bag a bargain sees modern shoppers spending more than two months, or 1,539 hours, of their lives looking for deals. Nearly half (47%) say they go to two or more supermarkets each week.

Household goods are the most popular items for bagging a bargain, at 76%, followed by meat and poultry at 66%, fresh fruit and veg at 64% and toiletries at 64%.

Despite all these figures, 55% of people say they find their weekly bargain hunting missions frustrating and time consuming, and 5% have gone online instead to spend up to 30 minutes searching for deals on price comparison or supermarket websites.