Bargain savvy but too afraid to haggle!

haggling at a farmers market

haggling at a farmers marketUs savvy mums love a good bargain and are always on the lookout, but a new study suggests we're too embarrassed when it comes to haggling for money off.

Discount divas we may be, but it seems we draw the line at bartering. Whether it's the cringe factor that holds us back or simply not knowing what to say, more than 40% of women are too embarrassed to give it a go.

It seems blokes are more bolshy when it comes to haggling - just a quarter of them would let embarrassment get in the way.

And our American and European counterparts are putting us to shame, bartering far more than we do. It is suggested our typical British reserve is preventing us from squeezing the most out of our money!

But that's not to say we don't look for the top deals. Almost three quarters of us shop around for the best price, and 60% of us hold off until items go on sale.

And we're better at haggling over some things than others. For example, while negotiating the price of an item in the supermarket is a big no-no, haggling when buying a house or car is something two thirds of us would be more happy to do.

Want to save money but don't know how to negotiate? This guide explaining how to get haggling should bring you fully up to speed.