Beauty experts share home spa secrets

essential oil

essential oilWe all find ourselves longing for the tranquillity of a luxury spa when the frantic nature of life gets just too much - but at what cost?

We'd all love to be whisked off to an idyllic retreat and pampered to our heart's content, but financially, this just isn't viable for the family.

Thanks to the Daily Mail speaking with a team of experts from various high-end health and beauty labels and spa groups, all you'll have to do is find the time, not the money, to treat yourself to a pampering session with a difference - it's all in your own home!

The specialists advise you should start by completely de-cluttering your bathroom, as even clearing away the bottles and flannels from around the bath will completely transform the atmosphere.

A vaporiser can then further help you create that blissfully relaxing home spa feel. Just add eight to 10 drops of essential oils and you will notice how the bathroom vibe changes completely!

Now mix together some oils and body lotions and massage your feet, beginning at the front of the feet and then kneading the soles and circling the ankles.

If you mix olive oil with sea salt and some peppermint oil, you can even make your very own foot scrub.

And if your eyes feel tired after a hard day's work, just take a cotton pad, peel it apart, dampen it with water and put some eye lotion on before placing it on your eyelids.

The team of experts speaking to the Daily Mail was made up of key figures from within Elemis, The Organic Pharmacy, Tisserand, ESPA, Aveda, Jurlique, Champneys and Decleor.

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