Benefits vote shows strong support for our kids

house of lords


house of lordsMany parents will have breathed a sigh of relief to see the Government's benefit cap plans suffer a defeat in the House of Lords.

And they have been joined by Enver Solomon, policy director at the Children's Society, who feels the decision by the Lords supports youngsters across the UK.

The Government had put proposals forward to cap the amount of benefits households can receive at £26,000 a year.

Following the overturning, however, Mr Solomon said: "The Children's Society is delighted that the Lords have seen sense and excluded child benefit when calculating the benefit cap.

"Children should not be held responsible and penalised for the employment circumstances of their parents."

He added that all households and youngsters should be given the chance to access child benefit.

But, responding to the House of Lords decision, the Centre for Social Justice think-tank warned that peers might be failing to back policies which are designed to tackle the country's worklessness problems.

It is also known that ministers will be looking to overturn Monday night’s Lords vote later this week and it is imagined the issue will be ‘ping-ponging’ back and forth over the next few days.

Plans set to come in from April 2013 involving higher-earners (one parent whose earnings exceed £42,475) to be removed from the child benefit scheme are as yet unchanged, although this will also be debated again.

If you're still a little bit unsure as to what the implications of this development really mean for you, check out this guide explaining recent planned changes to the child benefit system.