Britons leading the way with smartphone shopping

smartphone shopping

smartphone shoppingYou've realised there's just days to go until your daughter goes to her friend's birthday party, but you've not bought a present, let alone thought about wrapping it.

You have no time to make the stressful journey into town and will be nowhere near a PC during the next few days, so can't order anything online.

But stop panicking - new technology can always be relied upon.

And many smartphone users in the UK are taking advantage of the fact that shopping through their mobile is now more simple, cheap and secure than ever.

It's been predicted that us UK shoppers will splash out more than anyone else in Europe this year when it comes to making purchases on our state-of-the-art mobile phones.

According to shopping comparison company Kelkoo, spending on smartphones will reach an estimated £4.5 billion in the UK, while Germany and France's spending will reach £2.7 billion and £1.9 billion respectively.

In 2010, just £0.7 billion was spent via mobile phones, so this year's estimate echoes the large increase in smartphone owners.

Kelkoo's Chris Simpson said: "Over the last two years, shopping on mobile phones has increased exponentially as a result of simple and secure payment systems, better functionality and increased uptake of 'always on' mobile devices such as iPads and tablets.

"The fact that mobile retailing in the UK has grown by a staggering 584% since 2010 alone highlights how UK consumers are going beyond the PC to find the best online prices wherever they are. At Kelkoo we've seen phenomenal growth in mobile shopping comparisons."

So relax, log on, and find that special gift with the hard work all done for you! And here are some other examples of innovations to make shopping cheaper in 2012.