Britons ”neglect pension savings”

yellow sign retirement ahead

yellow sign retirement aheadAgreeing on spending priorities can be tough when managing a household budget, but experts say it sometimes pays to look ahead.

Research suggests that millions of Britons are neglecting pension savings in order to pay for holidays and nights out with friends.

A survey by Prudential found that almost three million adults will prioritise going on holiday over saving for their retirement.

With the cost of living continuing to rise, people were asked to choose what they would spend money on if they had to reduce their monthly outgoings.

The results indicated that 2.5 million people - 10% of those who have already started saving for retirement - would continue to spend money on socialising and trips to the cinema rather than keep up with pension payments.

And more than two million would rather be able to go clothes shopping or visit the hairdresser than pay money into their savings.

Prudential spokesman Vince Smith Hughes said: "As people tighten their belts it is important to think about the long-term impact of financial decisions and spending patterns."