Brits clean up for Mother’s Day

cleaning the house

cleaning the houseIf a visit from the in-laws always sends you rushing to tidy the house, you're not alone.

We all like to have a spotless home to impress our relatives, but a new study shows that we put in extra effort for Mother's Day.

Two in five people surveyed said they would clean up before having their in-laws to visit, so that they could feel proud of their home and avoid any embarrassment.

The research shows we clean on average for an extra 53 minutes ahead of Mother's Day, with most people saying they planned to at least wash up and polish the furniture.

Almost half of house-proud Brits said they always avoided inviting family members to visit when their home is untidy, and many admit that they clean midweek in case their loved ones turn up unannounced.

Other occasions likely to send us running for the mop and bucket are Christmas and Easter, the poll reveals.

Lindsey Taylor from Vileda, who carried out the research, said: "We're a very house proud nation and we want our homes to reflect well on us as people.

"It's interesting to see that the threat of a visit from the in-laws on Mother's Day is a big driver for people to clean up their homes.

"Cleaning a little bit most days, even just for 10 minutes, will help you keep on top of the housework and hopefully will keep your home looking its best no matter who turns up without an invite."

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