BT: ‘Super-fast’ broadband is on its way!

broadband connection

broadband connectionYou're about to leave the house to get the kids from school, but think you'll have a quick check of your emails before you leave.

But what you think will be a quick check turns into 10 minutes of waiting for your internet to connect, only to find out all that's in your inbox is a bit of spam.

Good news - those days of frustration and rushing around could soon be no more.

BT has increased the speed of its broadband expansion, and hopes its connections will reach "ultra-fast" 300Mb speeds by next spring.

At the moment, the telecom firm's broadband speeds are about 40Mb - or 40 megabits per second.

Most of the UK's BT customers have average speeds of 7.6Mb, but the company has confirmed a speedier service will be available in the spring of 2013.

Openreach - which is BT's infrastructure department - will implement the service, which will hopefully mean families have more time freed up to spend together and less time waiting at their computer.

Faster fibre cables will be installed between streets and homes and businesses, and these cables will be available to other providers too, including Sky.

More than quarter of a million homes and businesses signed up to BT's broadband network in the quarter up to December 31. The firm won 56% of new subscribers, and Sky and TalkTalk took the remaining 44%.

BT has also confirmed proposals to increase download speeds by 100% for its customers who have superfast broadband, meaning their speeds will reach 80Mb by spring.

The telecoms firm initially said this would happen in the next few months.

A successful pilot of ultra-fast broadband in St Agnes, Cornwall, prompted the roll-out.

Olivia Garfield, chief executive of Openreach, said the new initiative was "a significant development for broadband Britain".

"Essentially, it could make our fastest speeds available wherever we deploy fibre," she said.

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