Supermarket prices still too high

Supermarket multibuy deals

supermarket trolleyThe tough financial climate has forced us all to tighten our belts in a range of ways, with food among the areas we've had to cut back on.

But despite the best efforts of retailers to launch cost-cutting initiatives, it seems very few of us really believe supermarkets are going far enough to help us out.

According to exclusive research published by The Grocer, just 17% of the UK's consumers feel supermarkets have done all they can to ensure we benefit from low prices.

More than half of us also feel more support could be offered by the nation's supermarkets, the survey indicated.

Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons have all launched major price-cutting campaigns in recent weeks.

But what is the most effective way of ensuring you get value for money when shopping for essential items of food?

To find out, cast your eye over our guide to savvy supermarket shopping, which is designed to help make your cash stretch as far as possible!