Calling all amateur cooks… Share your recipes with thousands

cooking for earth hour

cooking for earth hourHaving family fun in the kitchen and cutting down on food waste are both things we probably all mean to get around to - so what better way to start than by taking part in the Earth Hour?

In that hour, from 8.30pm on 31 March, thousands of people will be switching off their lights and enjoying a special candle-lit meal.

And in the run-up, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is calling on amateur chefs to send in their recipes to the international charity's website. These recipes will then be used by thousands of people who are switching off their lights!

The recipes must stick to the WWF's five Livewell principles when creating their dishes. These are eating more fruit and vegetables, attempting to waste less food, eating less meat and processed food and consuming meats and other items that meet a credible certified standard such as RSPCA Freedom products.

And what's more, those who enter the competition will also receive goodies and free cookbooks from Earth Hour celebrity chefs including Ken Hom, Rick Stein, and Rachel de Thample.

The best five dishes, starters, mains or desserts, will be put to a public vote and one culinary genius will be crowned the UK Earth Hour master chef winner ahead of the eco-friendly event.

So why not round up the family, put on your aprons and get cooking? But hurry - recipes must be sent in to the charity's website by 19 February. You have to upload your recipe, along with a picture of the finished meal.

You can upload your recipes here.