Calling all discerning fashion fans!


wardrobeIt's Christmas in a matter of days and after we've gorged ourselves on turkey, cake and sweets, we'll all no doubt be hitting the high street for some serious retail therapy in the sales.

However, before donning your hat and scarf and approaching the shops with a list as long as your arm, ask yourself this: Do you really need the things that are seemingly too cheap to resist?

With this in mind a fashion expert from the Daily Telegraph has created a number of tips to help you decide whether that bargain of the century really is essential.

Do you take an objective glance in your wardrobe before hitting the sales? Well, Luke Leitch reckons this is crucial - if you want to avoid buying the kind of stuff you already have oodles of.

When presented with rail after rail of bargains, Leitch urges you to keep a cool head. Think, think, think... do I really need this, will I wear it? Is it a work outfit that I'll wear day in, day out, or a posh frock that may only got worn once a year?

Don't fall under the marked-down spell - in other words, would you have still liked the item if it was full price?

Shop around. Just because it's on sale in one shop it doesn't mean it might not be cheaper in another - make use of your smartphone to check prices online.

But above all, Leitch urges us to not get too carried away - only buy what you can afford and take your time choosing.

If you really don't think you'll be able to resist the lure of the high street or shopping mall this post-Christmas, at least take a look at the oodles of savvy shopping tips on offer here, it could help save you some money in time to do it all again next year!