Capitalise on travel price wars!

beach ball

beach ballAre you one of the many of us struggling to see how your family will be able to budget for a summer holiday this year?

There are just so many things that need to be sorted out and paid for - if only it was as simple as sticking a pin in a map, packing your bags and getting on your way!

In reality you need to fund flights, accommodation, travel spend, travel insurance and an array of top clobber to make sure your lot look respectable on the beach.

While this hefty shopping list might seem daunting, there will be plenty of opportunities for eagle-eyed parents to snag cheaper deals as companies wage a bitter war to attract customers.

The latest firm to do so is, which claims its £5 per person deal for a week-long break is the cheapest travel insurance product in Britain.

More information about the deal, which also has 14-day and over 65 options, is available at

You don't even need to by flying with in order to qualify for the super cheap policy.

Paul Humphreys, Retail Director of, said, "Many insurers needlessly bump up their cover beyond what the customer will ever need, just so they can charge them more. We have looked at cover levels and this new insurance product is all the cover you need and for just £5 - which is such good value that it would be reckless to travel without insurance.

"What many people don't realise is that the best time to take out travel insurance is prior to, or at, the time of booking as that way the policy covers the period leading up to the trip and not just the trip itself. With the facility to purchase the cover online it can be done at any time, 24 hours a day."