Child benefit debate rumbles on

child benefit

child benefit deabteThe rumblings of discontent regarding the Government's plans to remove child benefit from some higher earners show no signs of abating.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW) suggests that people's confidence in the tax system could be undermined by the proposals, which are designed to prevent parents from getting all of the benefit if they earn more than £50,000.

The introduction of the new child benefit plans could lead to "an operational and reputational disaster for the Government and HM Revenue and Customs", the ICAEW warned.

A range of organisations have spoken out against the plans, contained in the March Budget, to cut back on the availability of child benefit, as well as ordinary parents.

Labour has notably been vocal in its opposition to the proposals and has called for Chancellor George Osborne to re-think the idea.

The Treasury insists it believes that the child benefit changes will be fair to those who are on lower levels of income in the UK.

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